"I just ran the Table Rock Challenge - five miles up, five miles down - and the FAB bra was the most comfortable, best-fitting bra I have ever worn. I liked it because it didn't just smash my breasts to my chest; it actually supported them and held them in place. And I bet you didn't even think about this in the design, but my MP3 player slid right in between the cups and stayed right there during the entire race. I would recommend this bra to anyone who works out because my breasts are worth the price!" 

Marianne M. (Idaho) - Running, horseback riding

Feel The Freedom Of Perfect Support


Let a Fabulous Athletic Bra Give You That Freedom


Provide The Most Enjoyment From Your Sport

Prior to contacting us, 98% of our customers are wearing the wrong bra size.  This exposes them to unnecessary discomfort, frustration, and reduced athletic performance.  Our mission is to provide that feeling of freedom that comes from wearing a properly fitting and supportive sports bra.  We have engineered and designed the best high impact sports bra on the market. 

What makes Fabulous Athletic Bras fabulous?

  • The engineering behind the design accommodates bra band sizes from 30 to 40 and cup sizes from B to I. 
  • The Inner Power Mesh System in the smooth cup design provides more support for larger breasts. 
  • They provide maximum support for high impact activities (running, horseback riding, Dressage, soccer, basketball, tennis, etc.)
  • Wide, comfortable, adjustable band.
  • Wide, comfortable, adjustable straps.
  • Our exceptional customer service.  We guarantee customer satisfaction and will work personally with every customer (via telephone and/or e mail) to insure they are fitted properly. 
  • Made in the USA. 


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